The View from the Camera's Eye

Its been a while....

Well, time has taken wing, so I must be having fun!   I've added a couple of pages to this photographic collection and they represent two other passions of mine: weather and amateur radio.  I've included one page with some of my favorite weather related links and then created a link page to a Google Doc containing my N1YZ HF Net List.  For the past ten+ years this has been located on an old website of mine, That entire webpage was hand coded in 2004-2005 in the old HTML 3.  That version of HTML is obsolete and thus my web page has been crumbling for years and cannot be repaired.  So, I've taken the most important part of that page, my HF Net Listing and moved that Excel spread sheet to Google Docs.  Then, I created one additional page to this website just to link to that Google Doc.  That will be my solution to my problem at this point in time.  

The Project Continues

Since my last post I've been on several more photographic safaris, all within Central Alabama hunting for churches built around the Civil War.  Even with a GPS I ended up getting lost twice, once even with an Alabama State map!  Ah, this is a part of the adventure that adds to the thrill of the "hunt".  


St. Luke's (Historic) Episcopal Church - Old Cahawba Architectural Park - Orrville. AL

St. Luke's (Historic) Episcopal Church - Old Cahawba Architectural Park - Orrville. AL

One day I traveled from Birmingham to Selma to photograph churches.  The side trip to Orrville yielded the above image of St. Luke's.  This is one of Alabama's Carpenter Gothic treasures, indeed it might be the largest of those style churches in the state. 

Robinson Springs United Methodist Church - Millbrook, AL

Robinson Springs United Methodist Church in Millbrook Alabama, one of the oldest churches in Elmore County was built in 1848.  It is built in classic Greek Revival style which was very popular in the 1830s through the 1840s. The heart pine foundation is still solid and held in place by pegs. Amazingly there are several families worshiping at the church who are the eighth generation of their family to remain in this congregation. 

Miriams Well article on the Book in Progress

Miriam Sagan who runs the Creative Writing Program at Santa Fe Community college was one of the artists in residence at Wildacres Retreat during my week long tenure there. She is a writer and poet of distinction and worthy of either following (via her blog) or through the body of her written work. 

Miriam was kind enough to blog about my book and you can read about it at the link below.

Thanks !!!


Upcoming book on Alabama Churches

In the month of October I'll be taking a week off to do nothing but write.  This is an unparalleled blessing because while working full time it is difficult to find an opportunity for sustained and focused writing.  This writing will be concentrated on my book that is being put together on Alabama's hundred year old churches. This book will consist of photographs and text illustrating the churches that were alive and well 100 years ago and are still flourishing today.  The timing of this book is designed to coincide with Alabama's bicentennial year, which will be in 2019.  As an historical and visual tour of the process of faith in the countryside, towns and cities of Alabama the book will celebrate that deeply felt spiritual stirring the brings people to worship together.  Moving forward this blog will celebrate the milestones leading to the publishing of this book.  Stay tuned! 

Printing on Metal

I have become enamored with printing photographs on metal.  This medium has a completely different look from any type of fiber, paper, wood surface that I've seen before.  The lab I use, BayPhoto , prints on the surface of aluminum sheets. They use four different surfaces for this dye infusion process.  Since the photo is infused on the exterior of the aluminum the depth of the colors and levels of gloss vary depending on the surface you choose for your print. 

Check out their special print page for more details.  If you desire to see the various surfaces the easiest way is to send them a photo and have them print a 3" x 5" image using the different surfaces.  Then you'll be able to do a side by side compare on one image and make your choice. 




Sunset Spots - Birmingham!

It is always thrilling to be on the beach with a camera around sunset. The cast of the shadows across the waves and bright beams torching the sands in flaming colors are irresistible.  The sky show is better than anything seen at home (when you live in a forest) and is a feast for the senses. Needless to say, while at the beach my calendar includes a sunset or two.

When you live five hours from the ocean, it is impossible to make a quick trip to the coast for a quick sunset shoot. However, beautiful sunsets can be found anywhere as Rachel points out, even in Birmingham Alabama ! Her blog post in June of 2014 details where you can find these special sunset locations; Where to find Birmingham's Sunsets:

For those of you who live in and around the Magic City, have fun with your safari to shoot the sunsets in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Vivian Maier

The notion of pulling out my camera to photograph total strangers on the street is counter to all of my basic instincts. Yet, I admire those who are not inhibited and who are free enough to point a lens at someone and click away.  

The work of Vivian Maier almost disappeared from the planet as she had not promoted her work during her life. After her death in 2009 her negatives were discovered and were published to increasing acclaim.  

John Maloof, who is the owner and curator of her images maintains a website featuring Vivian's remarkable photography. It is well worth a close look:




Photokina 2014 - Some New Gear

Photokina, which is one of the largest photography shows on the planet,  takes place every other year in Cologne Germany.  Not only do major imaging manufacturers present their equipment there, but many companies use the biennial event to introduce new products for the first time.

Popular Photography released this article listing some of the new photographic gear introduced this week:

The Muse(Music) Was Present

I'll never forget the opportunity I had to photograph the Cathedral of St. Paul in Birmingham Alabama. The day was filled with brilliant sunshine and blue skies.  When I arrived at the Cathedral with my gear the folks at the church made me feel right at home. After turning down coffee and water and having the privilege of getting to meet the rector, Kevin Bazzel, I was given the tour of the sanctuary by Krista, the Parish Secretary. She explained what parts of he sanctuary were open and which were restricted. After asking a couple more questions she left me alone in that vast space.

However I was not alone.  In a few moments extraordinary music began pouring from the pipes of the church organ. For the next half hour it was my thrill to be photographing the interior of this beautiful sacred space with musical accompaniment! The music varied from hymns to classical pieces but the quality never wavered. I knew this was the work of a master.  

Prior to my departure, with images stored on memory cards it was my pleasure to speak briefly with Bishop Baker beneath the high ceiling of the Cathedral of St. Paul.  There was no doubt in my mind that this was one photographic shoot to remember!