The View from the Camera's Eye

Upcoming book on Alabama Churches

In the month of October I'll be taking a week off to do nothing but write.  This is an unparalleled blessing because while working full time it is difficult to find an opportunity for sustained and focused writing.  This writing will be concentrated on my book that is being put together on Alabama's hundred year old churches. This book will consist of photographs and text illustrating the churches that were alive and well 100 years ago and are still flourishing today.  The timing of this book is designed to coincide with Alabama's bicentennial year, which will be in 2019.  As an historical and visual tour of the process of faith in the countryside, towns and cities of Alabama the book will celebrate that deeply felt spiritual stirring the brings people to worship together.  Moving forward this blog will celebrate the milestones leading to the publishing of this book.  Stay tuned!