The View from the Camera's Eye

The Muse(Music) Was Present

I'll never forget the opportunity I had to photograph the Cathedral of St. Paul in Birmingham Alabama. The day was filled with brilliant sunshine and blue skies.  When I arrived at the Cathedral with my gear the folks at the church made me feel right at home. After turning down coffee and water and having the privilege of getting to meet the rector, Kevin Bazzel, I was given the tour of the sanctuary by Krista, the Parish Secretary. She explained what parts of he sanctuary were open and which were restricted. After asking a couple more questions she left me alone in that vast space.

However I was not alone.  In a few moments extraordinary music began pouring from the pipes of the church organ. For the next half hour it was my thrill to be photographing the interior of this beautiful sacred space with musical accompaniment! The music varied from hymns to classical pieces but the quality never wavered. I knew this was the work of a master.  

Prior to my departure, with images stored on memory cards it was my pleasure to speak briefly with Bishop Baker beneath the high ceiling of the Cathedral of St. Paul.  There was no doubt in my mind that this was one photographic shoot to remember!